SFF_Track 1- Climate finance – Session 2

Track 1: Climate finance – Session 2

Cases in Climate Finance

Real-world examples are powerful tools for understanding the practical aspects of climate finance. In this panel, we will dive into compelling case studies that highlight successful climate finance initiatives in Canada. Panelists will share their experiences in developing and financing diverse projects, such as renewable energy infrastructure, sustainable agriculture, green buildings, and conservation finance initiatives. Through these case studies, participants will gain valuable insights into the challenges faced, innovative financing strategies employed, and the measurable impact achieved. Attend this panel to gain inspiration from tangible success stories and learn from the lessons learned in mobilizing capital for climate action. Discover the transformative potential of climate finance through these illuminating case studies and be inspired to drive positive change in your own endeavors.


Samantha Whiteye

Director of Indigenous Leadership, Carolinian Canada Coalition

Alexa Blain

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Deetken Impact

Julia Langer

CEO, The Atmospheric Fund

James Chan

Advisory Lead, SVX