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Our Speakers

Narinder Dhami

Founder at New Power Labs

Andrea Armeni

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Transform Finance

Paluck Kohli

Communications, Social Innovation Canada

Nejeed Kassam

CEO, Keela

Jonah Chininga

Co-founder & CEO, Woveo

Kiran Toor

Advisor, Impact and Innovation Unit in the Privy Council Office (PCO)

Jory Cohen

Director of Finance & Impact Investing, Inspirit Foundation

Kat Cadungog

Executive Director, Foundation for Environmental Stewardship (FES)

Chelsey MacNeil

President and CEO, Common Good Solutions

Indy Johar

Executive Director, Dark Matter Labs

Christine Bergeron

President and CEO, Vancity

Upkar Arora

CEO, Rally Assets

Kristi Fairholm Mader

Managing Director, Thrive Impact Fund

Hillory Tenute

Executive Director, Canadian Roots Exchange (CRE

Justin Sweeney

Social Finance Manager, Kaléidoscope Social Impact

Nabeela Merchant

Principal, TELUS Pollinator Fund

Victor Beausoleil

Executive Director, SETSI

Sandhya Nakhasi

Managing Director, Community Credit Lab and CF Investments

Morgan Simon

Founding Partner, Candide Group

Craig Jonas

Founder and CEO, CoPeace PBC

Jason Sukhram

Engagement Manager, Quinn+Partners

Kate Ruff

Lead, Common Approach to Impact Measurement

Luan Mans

Impact manager, Acumen

Lee Burton

Director of Philanthropic Services, MakeWay

Ryan Turnbull

Member of Parliament for Whitby

Sage Lacerte

Founder & CEO at Sage Initiative

Yichen Feng

Managing Director, Centre for Economic Democracy

Barbra Kingsley

Chair, Center for Plain Language

James Stauch

Executive Director, Institute for Community Prosperity