SFF_Sector Showcase

Sector Showcase

Catalyst Community Finance Initiative: Place-based Funds

Join us for a captivating 45-minute showcase highlighting the transformative power of community finance funds in Canada. This session brings together up to 10 remarkable place-based funds from diverse regions across the country, each sharing their inspiring journey. Through their stories, we will delve into the profound impact these funds have had on local communities, while providing valuable exposure to this burgeoning sector. Discover the remarkable development, growth, and immense potential of community finance funds in Canada as we celebrate their accomplishments and explore the possibilities for building a more inclusive and resilient financial ecosystem. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and learn about the positive change happening across the nation.


Justin Sweeney

Social Finance Manager, Kaléidoscope Social Impact

Filsan Farah

Program Lead, VERGE Capital

Ryan Knight

General Manager, ACBN Microloan Fund