Social Finance Forum is purpose-built to boost your team’s  tools, knowledge and connections. 

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Learn as a group. Excel as an organization.

Benefits of group learning tickets

Guided learning journeys

Based on your group’s professional learning needs, the Social Finance Forum team crafts a guided learning journey for your team based on their roles. Your guided learning map takes you through talks, peer learning, tracks, and more that help your team make the most of your time. 

Learn from your peers who are doing it well

Organizations learn best from their peers. Social Finance Forum has purposefully designed slots for smart peer-to-peer learning. As a team, you can sign up to learn the journey of implementation of impact investing, place-based finance, and a whole lot more.

Practical how-to guides for your team

Foundations need to know how to get involved in impact finance. Whether its gender-lens investing or Indigenous finance, your team will receive practical how-to guides that your team can refer back to, share with your board, and take action.  

Content that keeps your team up-to-date

Whether your team is interested in climate finance, gender lens-investing or Indigenous finance, Future of Good offers groups curated reading lists for an entire year based on your learning needs. Enriching content delivered straight to your team’s inbox. 

Make the 2023 Social Finance Forum a professional team learning destination.

When people grow, impact does too. Give your team the knowledge and tools they need to learn and lead.