Stephanie Robertson

Co-Chair, Social Value International

Founder and CEO, SiMPACT Strategy Group  

Founder, Social Value Canada

Stephanie Robertson is the recently appointed Co-Chair of Social Value International (SVI), the founder and CEO of SiMPACT Strategy Group, Lead Auditor of LBG Canada, and Founder and current Board Chair of Social Value Canada. While each initiative is unique, all have a clear focus upon demonstrating the value of investment in community and society.  

Appointed Co-Chair in 2023, Stephanie has been on the Board of SVI since 2015 and is also an SVI Level 3 Practitioner and Trainer. She is a keen advocate of the social value movement’s mission to ‘change the way the world accounts for value’. Her deep passion, leadership, and years of experience are vital assets in supporting the continued growth of SVI, which has members in 60 countries. 

Stephanie has been with the social value movement since its beginning. She received her MBA from London Business School in 1999, then joined the Entrepreneurship faculty as an adjunct member. Over the next few years, she developed the first social enterprise course for London Business School and co- authored several business management case studies, winning European Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and CSR case awards in 2006 & 2007. 

Stephanie has spent the past two-plus decades working with corporations, governments, and civic agencies to understand, maximize and report on the value of impact. She is known for her love of capacity-building, for the development of systems to maximize impact, and for embedding emerging social impact management practices into ESG, Sustainability, and social value reporting.