Sarah Stuewe

Associate Director, Philanthropy, Windmill Microlending

Sarah Stuewe is the Associate Director, Philanthropy, at Windmill Microlending. During her 14-year career in the charitable sector, she has worked as a fundraiser at Parkinson’s Society Canada, Parkinson’s UK and WaterAid Australia. In her role at Windmill, she raises donations and impact investments from philanthropists and impact investors who are seeking a strong social return. Windmill Microlending converts potential into prosperity by offering low-interest loans to skilled newcomers and refugees to restart their careers in Canada. On average, Windmill’s clients triple their incomes.

 Since 2019, Sarah has raised nearly $25MM in donated and invested loan capital for Windmill, capital that goes directly into the hands of newcomers to fund training and associated costs. Sarah was inspired to join Windmill after finding that in her privileged position as a white English speaking woman, she was able to easily secure employment and progress in her career as a fundraiser while overseas. This is in direct contrast to the experience of newcomers who come to Canada, and this disparity motivates Sarah to continue raising funds for Windmill.