Sagal Dualeh

Senior Manager of Investment Readiness, Canadian Women’s Foundation

Sagal Dualeh (she/her) is the Senior Director at the Canadian Women’s Foundation – a national leader in the movement for gender equality and gender justice in Canada. Sagal has over ten years experience working with a diversity of organizations, from non-profits and charities, to SMEs, social enterprises and entrepreneurs. She’s worked on funding initiatives in both the private and public sectors, from federal initiatives and philanthropic grant programs to supporting place-based investment funds. Sagal has championed resilient regional and local food systems, connected “food-preneurs” to global trade markets and value chains, supported community economic development programs, and incubators and accelerators. Most recently, she is supporting social impact organizations as they build their investment readiness and organizational capacity, while boosting the participation of women and gender diverse people in Canada’s growing social finance marketplace.  Sagal is a committee member on the CGSB on Responsible Business Conduct. Sagal holds a B.Soc. Sc in Statistics and Economics and M.A. in International Economics & Finance.