Ryan Turnbull

Member of Parliament for Whitby

Elected in 2019, Ryan Turnbull is the Member of Parliament for Whitby. He currently serves on the Procedure and House Affairs and Agriculture and Agri-Food Standing Committees, and he is the Chair of the Social Innovation and Sustainable Finance Caucus which he founded.

As an experienced social entrepreneur with a proven record of community service, Ryan is committed to working in Ottawa on the issues that matter most to the people of Whitby. His priority is to ensure all voices are heard in the community to reflect the diverse experiences and needs of Whitby and the people who call it home. Since being elected, Ryan has been a tireless advocate for building a stronger social innovation ecosystem in Canada and improving access to finance for social and sustainable enterprises.

Ryan is passionate about having a positive impact on Canada’s most pressing social issues, that’s why in 2008 he launched a social innovation consulting firm. Since then, he has managed numerous projects set on tackling some of society’s toughest challenges. He’s worked to address: climate change, children’s health, seniors’ home care, community safety, diversity and inclusion, poverty, and affordable housing.

As a father, Ryan’s passion for working towards social and economic progress is a deeply personal endeavour. He aims to continue the progress made on climate change and gender equality, in part, to ensure that future generations in Whitby can enjoy the same vibrant and thriving community we have today.

Throughout his career, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to take action and move Canada forward. After ten years of working on these issues, Ryan is working hard on these issues in Ottawa on behalf of the people of Whitby.