Jenny Phan

Program Lead, DUCA Impact Lab

Jenny is the Program Lead at the DUCA Impact Lab. The DUCA Impact Lab work is rooted in facilitating and scaling up novel social finance projects with the objective of building a fairer banking system for all. In her work at DUCA, Jenny leads the daily operations and process management of the Impact Lab’s keystone project, the Escalator Loan. The Escalator Loan provides financial relief to individuals trapped in the predatory loan cycle and helps them rebuild their credit history and guides them back towards the path of financial security and independence.

Prior to working at the DUCA Impact Lab, Jenny held various product quality and supply chain management roles within the vaccine manufacturing and alternative energy manufacturing industries. Jenny is a proud alumna of the University of Toronto’s Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) program from the class of 2021. Jenny holds a BSc in Biology from Western University. During her final year in MScSM, Jenny’s course work and research focused on dissecting the social inequities that lead to the marginalization of certain populations in society as well as the innovative ways to use finance to help achieve holistic sustainability goals.