Anouk Bertner

Managing Director, Future of Good

Anouk Bertner is the Managing Director at Future of Good, a fast-growing award-winning social purpose media organization with a mission to equip changemakers with valuable news, insights and knowledge so they can make a bigger difference at work and in the causes they care about. Future of Good has a bold ambition to be a top professional resource for 1 million changemakers by 2030.

Given her experience managing the complexity of growth, Anouk leads all day-to-day management and is in charge of the impact model and organizational trajectory for the next phase of our mission. Anouk also manages high-value programs such as the 2023 Social Finance Forum, Canada’s largest conference on social finance and impact investing. Anouk is also the Board Chair of Common Approach to Impact Measurement, a critical infrastructure and network for the social purpose sector.

Formerly, Anouk was Executive Director at EcoEquitable, a profitable award-winning employment-based social enterprise that supports newcomer women. EcoEquitable’s flagship charitable program, Sewing for Jobs, welcomes self-identifying newcomer women or women experiencing barriers to employment into an immersive educational experience where they learn how to sew professionally and develop soft skills, all while building their network in the community. Her responsive leadership at EcoEquitable produce three-layered masks during the height of the pandemic. She is constantly evolving to better manipulate her children and colleagues into being the best versions of themselves. This has been mostly successful. Anouk’s children are mostly lovely human beings.  Anouk is passionate about systems change and refuses to live the world as it is currently set up.