Andrea Armeni

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Transform Finance

Andrea Armeni is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Transform Finance, a research, education, and implementation partner that supports investors and social change actors to challenge legacy investment approaches, seed transformative investment models, and build movement power.

A corporate lawyer by training, Andrea has spent the last decade exploring how capital can be made more just and equitable and helping activists and grassroots groups reclaim power over it. His current explorations focus on distributed governance mechanisms at the enterprise level as a fairer alternative to shareholder primacy.

He is an adjunct associate professor at New York University, where he teaches in the masters’ program; his course on finance and social justice received the 2021 Award of Excellence from the Financial Times and the Impact Finance Faculty Consortium. He is the co-author, most recently, of “Grassroots Community Engaged Investment: Redistributing power over investment processes as the key to fostering equitable outcomes” and “Addressing Capital’s Effects on Racial Justice: How investments drive injustice and what investors can do about it.”

Andrea served as an Investment Advisor to the Secretariat of the United Nations’ Joint SDG Fund, is a steering committee member of the Racial Equity Economics Finance Sustainability initiative (REEFS), and is a board member of CARE Enterprises, the impact investing arm of CARE International.

Andrea holds a B.A. in analytic philosophy from Columbia University and a Juris Doctor from the Yale Law School.