I wanted to reach out with some exciting news: As you have probably heard, The Social Finance Forum this year will be co-produced by Future of Good and SVX We just launched a save-the-date last week and already received over 300 early RSVP’s. We are currently looking for sponsors, community partners, hosts, and other partners to help collaborate on this exciting hybrid event with us.
This year’s Social Finance Forum will introduce a new and expanded vision – a call-to-action across the sector to generate fresh thinking and commit more capital and other resources to address social and environmental challenges and support purpose-led enterprises from all parts of Canada. The format for this vision is also new and innovative – a combination of virtual programming and in-person events across the country.
The forum will be a hybrid event and begin on June 15-16 with two days of virtual programming and the option in certain markets to share the Day 1 experience in-person at one of our regional meet-ups. In partnership with Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan), these regional meet-ups will take place at member venues in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto (and possibly other markets as well). The June event will be followed by a ‘Momentum-Series’ in-person throughout the Fall of 2023 / Spring of 2024 with the intent to continue important conversations through local activations and community engagements. We have confirmed partners for both the virtual and regional events and have locked in some exciting tracks in our programming so far, such as: Indigenous Finance, Gender-lens Investing, Climate Finance, Corporate Social Finance, Food Finance, Housing Finance… and more.
Ticket sales, registration, programming and our sponsors/partners will be announced at the end of March.
I’d be happy to send an overview deck and more information (background, objectives, etc…) if this is something you’d be interested in. 
I would also welcome an opportunity to meet with you to explore some ideas further. Would you have some available dates and times over the next few weeks?
Thanks, and I look forward to hearing back from you to see what is possible together!